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happily in love with this handsome fello :]  photo 1525041_10202931844560756_914161864_n-1.jpg
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I had this killer lesson with Paul yesterday. It’s so nice to have some one to actually work with and learn from :]
I am so excited for the future years in my career!

Positivity is Key

There were a lot of shitty things that happened this horse show… and also a lot of fanfreakintastic things.

I can ponder the negative and regret things I have said and done and bitch, bitch, bitch about it. But it cannot be taken back. Nobody likes a downer, and it can’t be undone. So I will continue on and be proud of my choices. I will focus on the positive.

My kids kicked ass, I have become closer with some new people in my life, and am continuing to make new friends. I am succeeding in many ways.

Shit happens for a reason. Let it play it out, and all will be as it should :]

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When you get a chance to be at a horse show watch and listen. You can never learn enough, you can never see enough. Every ride, every word a trainer speaks, every glimpse of a judges comment, every score, every rail, every fall, every perfect round, every chip, everything - no matter how bad or how fantastic will teach you something. There is no better place to learn than at a horse show. 

And if you can’t be at a horse show, watch a live stream :)